South African DJ Mampintsha Caught on IG Live Beating His Girlfriend Babes Wodumo


South Africans and Instagram followers of the popular South African singer Babes Wodumo watched in horror as her boyfriend DJ Mampintsha beats her while on Instagram Live.

Apparently this isn’t the first time Mampintsha would be beating up the singer. She once alleged that the DJ physically abused her but it fell on deaf ears.

Watch the video below:

The South African social media has frowned on this barbaric act of violence as the hashtag #LockUpMampintsha is trending.

For those not familiar with Babes Wodumo, watch video for her song, Wololo, which features DJ Mampintsha. The song was used in the popular Marvel movie – Black Panther.

The question most people are asking is “why is she still with this monster?” Some women stay in abusive relationships out of fear.  They fear the man could harm them or those they love; they fear they might not find another man.

More women need to find the courage to leave these toxic relationships. Your live is more important than anything the relationship offers you.

What do you think about this situation?


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