Are Olamide and Lil Kesh Promoting Money Rituals in New Song Logo Benz?


Nigerian rappers Lil Kesh and YBNL Records label head Olamide have come under fire after releasing a new song titled ‘Logo Benz.’

In the new song, Olamide raps about money rituals, diabolic practices and how he and Lil Kesh want to buy Benz.

The Backlash

Nigerian social media condemn the lyrics of the song claiming that it glorifies money rituals.

@unicodeveloper tweeted, “Pata ni Logo Benz” I never knew it had gotten this bad. I rebuke this song for everybody. Madness!!!Come and learn to code if you need to live a really decent life. You might not get Benz immediately, but you’ll get close.”

‏@jackdre02 wrote, “Pata ni logo Benz” how do you expect the misinformed population to see a good looking young man who worked hard to acquire a mercedes-Benz legally?

‏@AyoBankole wrote, “This is watery. Movies end with narratives that show ritualists don’t end up well. News are news, obviously. Logo Benz is a celebration. A promotion of rituals.

“Have you thought of the implication for these honest people?

“Those who started with you are evolving into legends. But you? Fast descent into a pit full of shit. A disgrace.”

@DJPhemzydee tweeted, “Lil kesh and Olamide needs someone to teach them to stop singing nonsense.

How can two sane people walk into the studio to record “Pata ni logo Benz, if Money no enter I go do blood money?”

Artists’ Response

However, Olamide and Lil Kesh defended the song, claiming they’re only trying to promote awareness of the recent debacle where female underwear get stolen and used for money rituals.

Olamide tweeted:

Logo Benz is for the 3rd party to have a glimpse into the current state of youths in our society. (Runs girls x runs boys) “ I’m not sure if there’s anything like 2 much awareness, but pardon me if there is. It’s all over the news, it’s always been in movies, don’t box musicians.— Olamide Adedeji (@olamide_YBNL) December 21, 2018

Lil Kesh also said the song is to promote awareness, and not money ritual as widely believed.

“We no dey promote wetin no dey exist. na awareness we dey do so spread your pata at owner’s risk because won ka pata o,” he tweeted.

Listen to the song below. Do you think the song went too far or people are just overreacting? Let us know what you think.

Download Logo Benz - Lil Kesh ft. Olamide

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