King Monada – Malwedhe Idibala | Fainting Dance Song


The fainting dance song has gone viral and Africans are doing the falling challenge. The song causing this social media frenzy is Malwedhe Idibala, by South African musician King Monada.

A quick search on Instagram using the hashtag #fallingchallenge will show you so many videos of people falling.

Apparently, the song actually has a deep meaning. For instance, King Monada says that if anyone tries to break his heart, they will only be bringing back a far away illness.

Download King Monada – Malwedhe

Download the Kupe Challenge song.



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    Mamahali Joyce on

    This is the song of the year!!!! Wow…Monada, you brought the fire up. keep it up man. I love it!!!

  2. Avatar
    kevoo de baddest on

    monada king u gonna make many people crayz I love da song n dancing performances keep it up man!!!

  3. Avatar

    The fainting stuff is just xtra ordinary and fun also i love all about the song even if i dont even here a single meaning of what he is saying…. Lol 😉😂😂😂

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    actually de song z vry fantastc f pocble use de understudable language coz z da xong of de world