Flash Back Friday: Yvonne Maha Music “Going to School”


Flash Back Friday to good music from Yvonne Maha, “Going to School” from her album “Child for Sale”.

Yvonne’s album “Child for Sale” was a smashing success in the 1980s. She was discovered by Sunny Okosun and the album was contagious. If you remember, her songs were replayed at parties, in the cars, and spread like bonfire.

She captivated us with her smile; her vocal talent was gold, and the record (do people still use that word now) was a hit! We’re not sure where  Yvonne Maha is now. Flashing back to those times and the lyrics of these songs, there is an eerie tune to it.

First, the title of the album alone is enough to grab a 21st citizen of earthy’s attention. Isn’t child sale illegal? There is an irony of Yvonne dressed like an adult with the long earrings, innocently smiling at the camera for a picture. Also, there is no song on the album called ‘Child for Sale’; the title speaks of the writers and producers’ ideas, not the young girl of the time.

Some things are uncomfortable such as “If I have the wings of a dove, I would fly away”. Also, there are words such as ‘kissing’ and ‘romantic love’ and even the video that looked cute then. Now, they are appalling.

There is a sound of warning or perhaps creepiness to a child singing ‘adult words’. That is why we choose ‘Going to School.’

About the music, its rhythm and tune are catchy and the lively instrument will transport you back to a time when there were less problems and societal issues. Moreso, there is a nostalgia (if you were born in that era) that comes with hearing the funky ballad of the Okosuns.


Keyboards – Johnny Woode & Tony Edmonds
Drums – Geoffrey Omadeboh
Bass – Willie Nfor
Lead guitar – Yakubu Daniel
Rhythm guitar – Nelson Tackie
Congas & percussion – Patrick Oziegbe
Trumpets – Big John & Robert Ngumu
Saxophone – Becks Abeke
Horn arrangements – Luke Tunney

All songs written by Sonny Okosuns with the exception of “Wings of a Dove” by Millie Small and “Layo Layo” which is traditional and arranged by Sonny Okosuns.

Album produced and directed by Sonny Okosuns.
Album arranged by Ozziddi led by Johnny Woode Olimah.

Download the ZIP , or track by track:

1. Wings of a Dove
2. Don’t Treat Me Like a Child
3. Diocha

1. Lagos Town
2. Going To School
3. Layo Layo


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