Whose Land Is It Anyway? Afrikaans Divided as Killings of White Farmers Rise


Decades after the apartheid, Afrikaans continue to fight for land while death tolls of White South African farmers rises.

Some organizations have risen to fight for the rights of White South Africans. They claim to be defending the culture and land rights of White Afrikaans.  Some outsiders, including United States President, Donald Trump believes Whites are under attack from an oppressive, Black-majority government.

One of these groups is AfriForum, a non-profit with 200,000 paying members; its influence is growing by the day.

Yesterday night, Trump took to twitter to speak his mind.  [see below]

trump tweets on south africatrump tweets on south africa

So, the question is: whose land really is it? History seems to be repeating itself. The United States’ president may have forgotten about the Native Americans who occupied the land prior to the arrival of the puritans. Were the lands in the United States acquired legally?

Today, the Director of Afriforum, Ernst Roets was at a land rights summit in Johannesburg, trying to explain to a roomful of indigenous South Africans that much of their country was actually “vacant” when the colonists first arrived. “If land was stolen, it must be given back,” he says, “but we must acknowledge the historic fact that much of the land was acquired legally.”

south Africans land debate Afrikaans Trump

The government must step in to protect the rights of its citizens, regardless of their colors. That is fact!

Much of the turbulence South Africa faces today is the same issues most African countries are battling.

“25 years ago the ANC took over the largest economy in Africa with the best infrastructure on the continent. Today we are the third largest economy, our SOEs are bankrupt, and the infrastructure is crumbling due to poor governance and a lack of funding. This is the real story.”

south Africans Siphamandla

We think Siphamandla is right – at least on this theory of Africa’s downturn.


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