Must Read! Ubang, a Community Where Men and Women Speak Different Languages


THe only community where men and women speak different languages

Ubang region is located in Southern Nigeria.

Ubang people believe the language is a blessing. At birth, chidren are taught the female language first; however, they are expected to speak their gender language by the age of 10.

Cup in female language is OGBALA, but males call it NKOH.
Yam in female language is IRUI, but males call it ITONG.
Women call shoe EKWAABAH and men call it EKWAWHE.

Chief Oliver Ibang, the traditional chief council says about their culture: “Adam and Even were Ubang people. If you are a male speaking the female language, then you are an abnormal child. We should have a tourist center, where people can [come]so they can learn the language. If the language dies, that means the people of Ubang are no more existing.”

Children are no allowed to speak the languages in school. According to research done by Yemisi Adegoke, there are concerns that the languages won’t survive.


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