Why your Lettuce has a Plastic-like Coating….


This woman discovered that her Lettuce purchased from stores were coated with stringed plastic. Here is why.

Simply dip your fresh or refrigerated lettuce in hot water. After two to three minutes, it does not turn into a dark color; rather, when you peel from the bottom, a stringed coating appears. [Video below].

This video went viral and many consumers were concerned about their health.

Here is the reason behind the peel: “This “coating” is actually the “Epidermal or Skin Layer” of the lettuce and “not plastic”; this is why consumers of both organic and conventionally grown product have noticed the affect. It has nothing to do with anything that has been applied externally to the product.”

So, to the ordinary person, it looks like plastic. However, it is a natural healing process of a lettuce grown in a sub-freezing environment. Again, it is normal.

Now you can have a deep conversation with your family and friends on lettuce. Thank us later.


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