Disney Assigns Rick Famuyiwa and Scott Falconer to New Movie Project | African Princess Sade


Walt Disney is working on a new movie project starring a Nigerian princess called “Sade’’. What will she look like?

The story will focus on an African girl named Sade whose kingdom is threatened by a mysterious evil force. She must accept her newly discovered magical powers with its warrior skills to protect her people. Of course, we cannot leave out the prince. It sounds like a combination of Ariel and Tiana.

Disney got its story for an African princess from Lindsey Reed Palmer and Ola Shukunbi. After the success of Black Panther, Disney jumped on the idea. It had missed out entirely on a Princess Fairy-tale from an entire continent.

The project is assigned to iconic producers, Rick Famuyiwa and Scott Falconer, but still has to find a director. This story will follow Sade as she uses her magic, and gains strong warrior skills to protect her kingdom. The villain is not revealed yet, however, there is rumor that it will be a mysterious evil force that threatens to undo everything she loves.

Also, the princess is expected to have African features; perhaps Disney will include the influence of the Nigerian cultures, including the language, food, and language.

As cliche as it seems, Disney princess stories usually revolve around a main character who realizes the power within her while saving and rescuing others or at times being rescued from her inner self.  There have been exotic princesses (even though they are all special) – Mulan, Pocahontas, Anastasia, and more recently Moana.

The real question is why did it take Disney this long to create an African princess (and Jasmine from Aladdin does not count since she was not the main character)?

Disney princess rick famyiwa

This news was revealed along with the upcoming remake of Mulan and The Lion King  and an adaptation of Beauty and The Beast.





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