Are you Ready? Celebrity Big Brother Naija 2018


Ready or Not, the crib for the Celebrity Big Brother Naija 2018 is ready and looks amazing.

If you watched the past Big Brother Naija that aired back in January and ended in April, then you know how much Nigerians love BBN. Channel 5 gave an inside peak at the decor, style, and smashing look of the celeb pad.

Blue and brights lights would be an understatement of the shiny bedroom large enough for two. Also, the lounge, bar, and hot tubs were designed and styled with good taste. Though they look relaxing, you can sense some type of drama is bound to happen.

“From tropical palm prints to the bright color palettes and gold accents, the house’s decor is a lot more luxe [luxurious]than you might have imagined for an “eye of the storm” theme.”

“This year’s Diary Room door is being guarded by neon skulls and thunderbolts. Let’s hope it’s not an indication of how this season will go.”

Can’t wait to see what this year’s celebrity Big Brother Naija crib looks like? Then read more here. Although contestants have not been confirmed yet, the show will premiere on Channel 5 starting tomorrow, August 16.

Celebrity Big Brother Naija

Credit: Channel 5/ info purposes only (BBC) – Celebrity Big Brother Naija 2018 Bedroom


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