Africa Today Show Ep#163 – Remember the Thai Boys? | Lessons for African Leaders


Way back Wednesday to the stories of the lost Thai boys. There are lessons we can learn from the rescue mission, especially the African leaders.

In this sensitive time of elections and proclamation of many political agenda, there are questions in the hearts of many citizens. We all have the same questions.

  • What is the vision of the candidates for Nigeria and its citizens?
  • What will each candidate do differently than what has been promised by previous inadequate candidates?
  • What is the plan for employment for youths?
  • What is the government’s plan and candidate’s plan for improving fuel availability and prices?
  • Also, what is each candidate’s plan for the future generation?
  • Healthcare, criminal justice, education, electricity etc?

Foxy P discusses the rescue of young boys lost in a Thailand cave and asks the question will African governments care enough to do same for their citizens?

Although it sounds light, this is the main question. Do the candidates care about the people? Or is this another personal ambition of prestige, power, and fortune?

According to Foxy P, the host of Africa’s Today’s Show, the question of the day “Will African nations devote the same level of rescue efforts if these boys were African citizens lost in Africa?”


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