MUST READ: A Concerned Citizen’s Open Letter to Useless Political Godfathers of Nigeria


A Concerned Citizen’s Open Letter to the Useless Political Godfathers of Nigeria.

After the concurrent devastation and chilling killings in Nigeria, a concerned citizen took to Facebook to express his thoughts. From kidnapped school girls, slavery, to cold-blood murder of innocent people, it is time to demand change and accountability.

“Why compare failure with failure? Why should Nigerians continue to elect useless political godfathers…opportunists riding on the back of Commonwealth? It is time to defend our land.”

Do you agree with this concerned citizen’s open letter? Read the letter and let us know what you think.

We need to change the current sorry situation by intentionally putting a great value on the concept of being a Nigerian. Right now, our leaders, including Mr. President, are worth almost nothing because they have nothing to show for adding any meaningful value to the people’s lives. In addition, they have perfected how to consistently add more and more miseries to people’s lives. This must stop!

Can all Nigerians begin to act our true worth? When we do, our problems would have been halved as we would start to carefully invest in and choose our leaders.

As a Nigerian, what is my worth? I believe my worth is the same as the worth placed on the people who are being killed unnecessarily without any form of coordinated and sincere government protection. If I was in their shoes, this non-empathetic, callous, and inhumane government would have also left me at the mercy of the Fulani Herdsmen Terrorists to freely kill and massacre myself and my kin.

How can one respect such a useless and evil government? It becomes disastrous when those who were supposed to be educated and intellectual, those who should be championing an excellent vision for the country would still gullibly continue to compare this failed government to the previous failed one. Must we always compare failure with failure? Why not retire all of them by putting good people having good ideas, people who are not political slaves of any of these useless and heartless political godfathers?

The current situation of politicians buying people’s conscience and votes shows how little we are worth to our non-caring government. We are worth more than they want us to believe. Being a Nigerian should mean something significant. We must change how we see ourselves. We must become aware of how much the current crop of leaders are unworthy to be leading us. We must be strategic to dislodge these political wolves appearing in sheep skin. We must stop being their slaves, at all cost!

The current evil will continue as long as good people are docile. Politics is expensive, but you cannot live a good life without it. We all need to become responsible citizens. We need to defend our land against the infestation of money-motivated prodigal politicians. At best, they are all opportunists who are riding on the backs of our commonwealth. Let us rise up and defend our land. Let us defend our people against a tyrannical government who do not defend her citizens against ruthless terrorists walking free on our streets. Shameful!

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