Wow! InfoNubia is 5 Years Old! An Open Letter To You


InfoNubia is 5!!! This blog started on March 21st 2013 It has been through lots of changes and retooling since its inception. As we hit this milestone, I figured I should write an open letter to all our readers and supporters.

Hello family, friends, readers, and strangers, I can’t even believe I’d keep this blog alive for so long. To be honest, the InfoNubia team has not done a good job of posting regularly. The blog has been in limbo in the past two years and I take responsibility for that.

While my comedy career was picking up, I shifted focus to learning, improving and performing comedy. I had a small support team to help maintain the blog.  Also, I have been wrestling with the direction of the blog. I wanted us to get out of the news business and provide useful ever-green content.

Rather than keeping up with the news, I’d rather us post information that will be valuable to users. However, I wasn’t clear on the type of content we will be providing. This is why for some time, we posted a lot of comedy and some how-to’s videos.

At some point we wanted to focus on showcasing the African culture and tradition. Like our Top Vacation Places in Nigeria post, the team thought about including more African travel posts. But I didn’t want to us to write about places we’ve never been or experienced first hand.

After much deliberation, I have decided to have InfoNubia focus on happenings within the African community in diaspora, more specifically U.S., Canada, and the U.K.  This means we will be posting about lifestyle, entertainment, trending events, and special features.

I’m still a full-time comedian. You should visit my comedian site to find out more about how that is coming along. However, I have allotted some time to work on InfoNubia.

Finally, I’m looking to expand the team. I need interns and freelance writers who will help maintain the blog with unique and original posts. If you are interested (or know anyone), send an email to

It’s been quite a journey and I’d like to thank you for your patience as we refocus and get back in the groove.

Until next time!

– Segun Pryme


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