How to Rock Traditional Outfits: 10 Important Fashion Tips for Men

Drop the suit! Here are 10 fashion tips for men who wants to learn how to rock their trads.

Attending a traditional occasion? Perhaps you are hanging out at a fancy party with your friends? No need for suit. One great thing about African materials is they rarely lose their shine or relevance. Learn how to dress in your ethnic outfit (trad) without appearing outdated. Learn how to dress in style. Here are(10) ten great fashion tips for African men.

  1. Complimentary colors: choose colors that compliment your skin tone. Blue, white, burgundy, and gold are popular colors for men traditional wear. This is mainly because these colors, especially blue and white are common colors. Also they look good on most complexions and body types. For dark tones, try medium toned colors such as
  2. Accessorize! You can’t go wrong with a watch, necklace, or bracelet.
  3. Own at least one dark jeans or a fitted black pant.
  4. Pay attention to your prints. Loud prints require that you tone down your accessories. Too much bling distracts, not attract.
  5. Hat or no hat? The rule of thumb is: if it is a casual outing, skip the hat. For formal outing, keep the hat.
  6. Fitted top almost always works. If you are purchasing an already-made outfit, choose a fitted top. Not too loose and not too tight.
  7. Loafers: The slip-on loafer was originally designed as a house shoe for King George VI. Penny loafers are the most popular choice. Also, some men prefer comfy sandal. If this is you, make sure your toes and nails are clean. Try professional or home-made pedicure. For formal attire, Try a Chelsea boot. The elastic side makes it easy to slip on.
  8. Personality: Don’t dull. Add some pizzazz to your style. Your choice of design – on the chest, hem, or
  9. Comfort: Stay comfortable regardless of your choice of color, design, or style.
  10. Confidence: The best accessory you can put on is your smile. Your swag goes beyond your clothes; it is the inner you unleashed.

Picture source: TJ Suave (designer of men wear based in Houston, Texas).

african men ethnic style outfit

Choose colors that compliment your skin tone

african men ethnic style outfit

Dress for the occasion

african men ethnic style outfit

Check with your friends


This article was first published April 21, 2017. (c)2018 Revised and Re-published.


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