How to Treat Itchy Scalp this Summer


Learn how to treat your itchy scalp.

Most people expect the summer heat to cause their hair and scalp to be damp and sweaty. But, itchy scalp is more common than you think. Also, Dandruff and dry scalps are to blame.

Of course, as temperatures rise, other health situation rises too. While most people tend to focus on their skin and using tanning lotion, same attention should go to our hair. These strands of hair need special care! (No rhyme intendednatural hair itchy scalp).

According to Dr. Michelle F. Henry, MD, of the Laser and Skin Surgery Center of New York, “The overuse of moisturizing products during the winter can lead to product buildup, leading to dull stands and an itchy, flaky scalp. Focusing on scalp health is key as the warmer season approaches.”

“Harsh winter temperatures can wreak havoc on fragile locks causing dryness and split ends. I often recommend trimming the hair after the winter. Humidity will increase as the temperatures rise, so developing a plan to combat frizz is important.

“A great conditioner is crucial,” Dr. Henry added. “Flying can be terribly drying for the hair and skin. Vacations often involve lots of outdoor time, sun exposure and hair styling (for perfect photos). A great UV/heat protectant is a must-have to ensure healthy locks when you return home. Slathering on a rich conditioner and spritzing on a little UV protectant is a great regimen to protect your strands on lazy days at the beach or pool.”


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