5 Beauty Products You Should NEVER Share!


Ladies, there are beauty products you should NEVER share!

1. Facial cleansing brush: it’s a breathing ground for dirty, dead cells. If you must share find a different brush head.

2. Eyelash curlers: can be shared because it’s made of metal, but don’t leave Mascara on it. Be sure to wipe it off before allowing someone else to use it.

3. Cream Eye shadow: Don’t share cream eye shadows. Most people apply it with their fingers. Any product in a jar and touched with the finger is easy for bacteria growth.

4. Powder Eye Shadow: You can share Powder eye shadow because they are easy to disinfect. Spray them down with alcohol; otherwise, you run the risk of catching an infection in your eye.

5. Lip and Eye liner Pencils: These beauty products can be shared because you sharpen them and remove the bacteria. However, don’t forget to disinfect the sharpeners with alcohol too.

Thanks to the women at the Real Talk show for sharing these beauty tips.

Check out the funny video highlighting the beauty products below.


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