Graduate: Nkechinyere to Start Ph.D. Program – She’s only 18 years old!


Nigerian College Graduate is already preparing for a Ph.D. program in Biochemical Engineering – she is only 18 years old!

Nkechinyere Chidi-Ogbolu is making waves and breaking the internet. This is not your ordinary college graduate story, and Nkechinyere (Chinyere) is not your average teen. When 18-year-olds  students are just graduating high school, Chinyere has completed her college degree at Howard University.

When classmates find out how young she is,Chinyere says: “People usually reacted with shock,” she says. “Then they became really protective.”

On May 2017, Chinyere graduated summa cum laude from Howard University with a degree in chemical engineering; she was dubbed the youngest person to graduate from Howard this year. Also, she is one of the youngest in Howard’s history. That’s not all! The academic stella is now preparing to begin her Ph.D. program at the University of California-Davis after summer.

Chinyere told USA TODAY College that she wants to focus on creating and discovering new medicines. “I’ve always been interested in the medical field. But I want to have a broader scale of impact than in treating patients one-on-one.” She will be studying bio-medical engineering.

How was the 18-year-old able to concentrate on her studies, especially in a HBCU? Chinyere noted that Howard U gave her a full scholarship and it was also her first choice. After she arrived in the United States for her studies, she was able to survive college saga.

“My support system was a very big part of why I was able to stay very grounded during the whole journey,” she says. With the help of family and friends – speaking with her parents daily, sometimes talking to her mom for over an hour – she made it.

Finally, Chidi-Ogbolu has some advice for teenagers her age.

“Don’t limit yourself because you think you can’t do it or because no one you know had done it. You can always be the exception to the rule and end up being exceptional.”

We wish the young graduate ultimate success in her academic journey!

Picture source: Blavity/Chinyere’s Twitter: @ebuntohdun


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