Maraji on How to make the First Date a Success or Disaster


Social media sensation, Maraji talks on how to make the first date a success or disaster.

Gloria Oloruntobi, popularly known on social media as Maraji is a comedienne and entertainer based in Nigeria. With a growing following of over 400,000 on Instagram alone, Maraji continues to display her talent. From voice-over, dancing, to funny skits, Maraji is a multi-talented star.

So, in this hilarious 2-part video, Maraji talks about how to make the first date a success or disaster. In the first half of the video, Maraji gives listeners pointers for a successful date.

  1. Talk on your phone when you arrive
  2. Compliment him even if he looks like a disaster
  3. Never say ‘I don’t know’
  4. Say something smart

Then, in the second part of the video, Maraji gives pointers on how to ruin the first date. (Not sure why anyone would want to do that…) – but it includes ‘saying something stupid. Haha.

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