Strangers leave funny notes on cars for bad parking


Drivers find letters on their cars from strangers about their bad parking.

It is a hot, sunny day, and you are hungry. You rushed to the grocery store to grab some few items. In a hurry, you drive through the lanes looking for a parking spot. Yes! You found one. Wait a minute….it’s blocked. It looks like a case of bad driver. Someone decided to park in two lanes… should you leave a note?

Perhaps you have seen or heard of these drivers. Well, some people are not too patient. They like to express themselves. So, here are four letters from strangers. These strangers saw bad parking and decided to say something about it…. even if that means leaving a note on the cars of the drivers.

When you park like a tool
you make people mad.
When you make people mad,
They write you notes.
When they write you notes,
they’re wasting their time.
When they waste their time,
they get more mad.
or is it madder?
Now they’re doubting their grammar.
Don’t make people doubt their grammar.


car notes



    • Nubiaqn

      It is quite funny.
      And a good lesson to park well if you don’t want a stranger’s red eye… or weird letter.