Susan Kelechi Watson: ‘This is Us’ dramedy and Fashion Trends

Susan Kelechi Watson: her acting skills and wardrobes do not disappoint.

Watson recently featured in her first talk show with Hollywood Live. Whoop Whoop! She currently stars in “This is Us” – a major drama series currently loaded with several award nominations. It has People’s choice, Critic’s Choice, Golden Globe all talking.

Watson plays the role of ‘Beth Pearson’ alongside co-star, Sterling K. Brown.

The host asks: “How does it all feel? [after listing all the nominations]”

“It is indescribable in a lot of ways. You go into a show and give it all you got. You believe in it. and when you find out other people believe in it too – you It’s this whole other feeling. We’re just trying to take it day by day.”

Watson noted: “My parents are my biggest supporters.”

For those who do not know, Watson is actually of Jamaican heritage. both of her parents were from the island. But, her middle name, Kelechi shows that she may be mixed with Nigerian blood. Kelechi is an Igbo word that means “Thank God”.

Beyond her beauty, Watson is known for her unique style and acting roles. She has been acting since she was three years old.

She had a recurring role on the television show Louie from 2012 through 2014. She has also had recurring roles on NCIS, The Following, and The Blacklist. Also, she appeared in a play at the American Airlines Theatre in New York City by playwright Richard Greenberg. She currently stars in the 2016 NBC television dramedy This Is Us.


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