New Book, “Fake Break Recreate” Released by Rachael Aminu is Uncoventional!


Rachael Aminu releases new book titled, Fake Break Recreate – unconventional truth!

This book will empower women in their daily journey of self-discovery. #goodread

————– from Rachael ‘Rae’ Aminu

It started as a project – a way to become a best-seller and reach a wider audience. What is the point of writing something no one reads? It is like talking to yourself.

The purpose behind writing is so that ‘whoever reads it will run with it.’ Habakuk 2:2. This has been my goal and focus for a while. Even as a writer for Music Lifestyles and other blogs, I hope to reach a wider audience – people who actually need to read my words.

I enjoy writing….it is my self-discovery.

While others sit for days thinking of what to write, I sit for days actually writing. It is a blessing.

The best part is that this new material made it to Amazon’s bestsellers in two categories… poetry and problem-solving. Since Amazon updates its list every hour, I am not sure how long it lasted on this list. However, I was grateful to see this dream become a reality.

fake break recreate Rachael Aminu Amazon

Ms. Aminu’s new book was #4 on Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited Best Seller List in Christian Poetry and #2 in Problem-solving.

Meanwhile, Fake Break Recreate: Woman Who Are You? is a compilation of poems. The first poem is a question about what beauty means to women. Nowadays, Millennials are driven by what is seen. We want things now (fast) and conveniently. Very few people are really willing to work for the dough and peace of mind.

The second part of the book is a poem reminding women who they truly are: powerful, beautiful, and strong. Whatever appears fake, it is time to break and recreate.

Please check it out and share with your friends. As Mother’s Day draws near, buy one for your sisters, mom, and friends. The book is also free on Kindle Unlimited. It is cheap because it is two poems, and the goal is not about money. It is about reaching women and encouraging them.

So, get your copy of Fake Break Recreate on Amazon. You can find me on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

“Charm is deceitful. Beauty is vain. But a woman who fears the Lord, she shall be praised.” — Proverbs.

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Paperback = $6.95; Kindle = $1.99

Kindle Unlimited = FREE (#fbrthebook).


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