How to feel well-rested after sleepless night


Maybe you’ve experience sleepless night. You try to sleep, close your eyes, but nothing. Your mind wanders and it seems like eternity before you finally snooze. Then, the following morning you feel the toll on your body. Sleep expert, Dr. Neil Stanley, gives his tips on how to feel well-rested even when you’re really not.

“If you have a bad night, the next night should be better. You can catch up on some of that missed sleep; you’ll be catching up on the deep restorative sleep you missed the night before. But don’t put too much pressure on it,” says Dr. Stanley. “Relax and then go to bed at your regular time. Do all the things you should be doing to ensure a good night’s sleep, and don’t put any expectations on it. Approach it casually, and it will happen.”


“If you can find a way to take a nap at work, do. When you’re sleepy, the thing you need to do is sleep. Caffeine is a temporary solution,” says Dr. Stanley. “If you can’t nap at your desk, take yourself off to your car or even the toilet!”

For those who really can’t nap at work, we asked Dr. Stanley whether a meditation app could help. “The best boost you can get is to sleep, but just closing your eyes will help to relax the brain,” he tells us. “In a noisy environment, something (like a meditation app) that allows you to close your eyes and brain will be of benefit.”

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