Louis Vuitton and the Ghana-must-go Inspired

Louis Vuitton brings back the Ghana-must-go!

It seems unbelievably hilarious. Whoever came up with this idea must have been influenced by the motherland. First, the assemble: bag and hairpiece is a shock to the fashion world. Secondly, why should anyone pay an arm and leg for something they can get in the marketplace on Yaba? I am sure some of my people won’t mind.

Despite the hoop and holler about this trend designed by Louis Vuitton, it is funny.

Lastly, it is mystifying….makes an African blink twice. This is one of the reasons Nigerians should be proud of their culture. Why? because others are going on a creative limb to recreate the beauty.

“Ghana-must go’ became popular decades ago after many Ghanaians (refugees) were forced to leave Nigeria. The neighboring countries had a clash. Well, let’s just say the term was coined during the sensitive period.

Even today, this bag can be seen in movies (where someone stash cash) and hides it under their bed. Also, street-sellers use it and others pack their clothes in it.

What do you think…should people still pay a lot of money for this household-turned-designer bag?

Louis Vitton Ghana must go bag


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