How to Rock your Wedding Jumpsuit in Style

Looks like Wedding jumpsuit is in vogue!

Are you an avid dancer? Wanna be comfortable and classy at the same time on your wedding day? Then, a wedding jumpsuit may be the best way to go.

No attachment or extra layers of fabric standing (or sewn) in the way.

Wedding jumpsuits are the modern girl’s escape from traditional ball gown. Looks like those princess Disney fairy tales have been revolutionized, That’s right!

How to wear a wedding jumpsuit in style. The three (3) simple rules are:

  1. Less is More: The two main reasons for going with jumpsuit on your wedding – apart from style – are freedom and convenience. You want to be able to move around. So, look for a jumpsuit that does not have too much materials. Some come with extra bells and whistles. Consider a jumpsuit that has ‘bells’ that is easy to remove and ‘whistles’ with clips.
  2. Vibrant Personality – Jumpsuits do not have to be dull and boring. You want a style that captures your personality. Whether you are picking a jumpsuit for your bridal party or as a bride, select a style that YOU-nique. Check out award-winning singer, Solange Knowles. Solange showcased her fun and old-school soul style with bell-bottoms. It complements her ‘fro (hairstyle). Now that is rocking in style. She completes her look with a mid-open cut cleavage that give it a slight modern look. Also, If you are more of a princess bride who wants a ball gown look, check out the creative glamorous look below. Featured on nigerianwedding, this is how you rock a fancy jumpsuit. Please note that this bride has a custom-made jumpsuit. The train looks detachable, giving her room to move.
  3. Silk or Lace: There are other routes to go with jumpsuits; yet, there is something about lace that speaks volume. If you are not a lace type of bride, silk will make your skin feel at home. Spandex? a big NO – personally. Mainly because – if  you notice below – jumpsuit tends to enhance and emphasize curves. Even if you don’t have one, you get one (*side wink*) – with a jumpsuit.

So, get ready to turn heads with your wedding jumpsuit. You can rock it – simple yet classy, vibrant and glamorous, or contemporary and silky. Either way you go – can’t go wrong because what matters most is your nuptial. Reverse. What is most important is the bride having a great time on her special day.

Check out how these hot ladies and how they rocked their wedding jumpsuits.

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photo sources: moniquelhuillierbride, nigerianwedding, solangeknowles/ Instagram


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