How to remove tough makeup stains


How to remove tough make-up stains.

MummyPages-UK was kind enough to compile great ways to remove tough make-up ways. Genius!

Nail polish

If you accidentally spill your nail polish, Nail polish remover is the answer to your prayers. However, it can sometimes lift dyes out of your clothes so try a testing it on a smaller, less noticeable area first.

If it is successful, then make sure to throw your clothes in the washing machine straight after. If remover is a no-go, then try hairspray instead.


Lipstick is made with oils so make sure to use an oil-based cleaner to remove to stain. Liquid soaps to clean grease can be the perfect solution. With a tissue and a small dollop of soap, blot the stain to lift the color.

Spray a little water (don’t soak) and let it sit with the soap doing its magic for 10 minutes and rub away with a clean towel.


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