Comedienne Yvonne Orji, 33, talks about her virginity and why wait [Funny Tedx]

“My parents said: You cannot date until you get married.” Yvonne Orji talks of ‘the Wait.’

Raised by immigrant Nigerian parents, Yvonne Orji explains why she is still a virgin at 33. The fear of God and her father’s belt – at least that’s what got her started. Dubbed as an outstanding comedienne and the female Kevin Hart, Yvonne talks of her reason for still keeping her virginity.

She had her first sexual encounter planned out – rose petals, candles, Maxwell playing in the background. And if she is lucky, she might get a waterbed. In high school, her friends crushed her dream when they told her: “Yvonne, your expectations are way too high! If you lucky, you might get your first in a guy’s car or his mama’s basement.”

After she heard a 25-year-old lady talk about why she’s waiting, Yvonne was shocked. The speaker talked about how God was important to her. Her passion for Jesus and even the relationship made her wonder. The speaker called God ‘daddy’. That was personal.

Now she’s 33 and still waiting….

In a TedX talk, Yvonne talks about three things to wait on in relationship.

Yvonne was born in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria, and grew up in Maryland. She received a master’s degree in public health at George Washington University. Orji’s parents expected her to become a doctor, lawyer, pharmacist, or engineer. However, she was inspired to do comedy as a child after she performed stand-up in the talent portion of a beauty pageant. After graduate school, Orji moved to New York City to pursue a career in comedy.

picture source: okayafrica/yvonneorji Instagram


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