7 powerful quotes on Fear that will inspire you to succeed

Fear is an excellent thief – anonymous.

Every now and then, we come across an obstacle. Most of us find it difficult to move on. Although we want to succeed, not many are ready to face fear. A wise teacher said, “Fear is False Evidence Appearing Real.”

There are so many excuses for not executing ideas, fixing marriages, or loving the unlove-able. You can probably tell me what you are going through. Perhaps, it pales in comparison to mine. However, what matters most is what you do with those challenges. What do you gain out of the bitter experience?

After all is said and done, are you more courageous? Do you have enough fuel to scale to the next season and fight the next battle? This may seem like a whole lot of questions. Well, maybe this writer just wants you to do well.

So, make one decision this week – write down those fear and tackle them one step at a time.

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