Stella Damasus: “I will not raise my daughters to think like a man”

“Think like a man” is a saying she disagrees with.

‘Think like a man’ is a common saying especially in U.S. Also, this verbiage was made even more popular by Steve Harvey’s book, “Act like a lady, Think like man.” But, Nigerian actress and activist, Stella Damasus disagrees.

She says she will not raise her daughters to think like a man. “When women get up each day and fight for their equality, it seems to the opposite sex that we are in competition.” Her reasoning is that it does not show the strength of a woman.

Are there are attributes from men that women should emulate? Yes! Stella says:

“Some traits that men have include: when it comes to business and professionalism, men are focused and fixed while women are more emotional and bias.”

She made her point based on her faith in the Bible. She believes that women should not compare themselves to the male figure. In an ironic way, women are implying that men are more intelligent and better.

Continuing she noted: “Men are firm, smart, strong, and shrewd in their business. But guess what? Women can be smart, shrewd and run successful businesses too. If you count one of the most successful businesses in the world, it is actually by a woman. Yes, I did my research. Oprah Winfrey is possible. Yes, I will think like me. There is no need to compare yourself to a man.”

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