Expert Tips on great uses of cotton buds you probably overlooked

There are plenty of other essential uses of cotton buds I bet you did not know.

Most Nigerians are notorious for sticking cotton buds in the ears. However, from arts and crafts, to cleaning and beauty hacks, Expert HomeTips explains how to fall in love these bathroom essentials all over again. Here are ten just for you. You can use cotton buds to:

  1. Clean your computer keyboard.
  2. Apply your lipstick, ensuring you get a defined, precise result every time.
  3. Remove mistakes while applying your nail polish; it makes for accurate nail polish removal.
  4. Create voluminous your eyelashes
  5. Clean cuts and scrapes – even ear piercings
  6. Apply dots, thin lines, and even blending face painting
  7. Clean your glasses and other sensitive glasses
  8. Swipe between your toes
  9. Get rid of the dust in your car’s air conditioner
  10. Clean your ear phones

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