Oh Grammy! American Music has Evolved…and the World Follows

Oh Grammy! Grammy’s 59th anniversary – a big night for Music is almost here.

The big shocker to me is how American Music has evolved. We have gone from Frank Sinatra, one of the major winners in the first Grammys in 1968 to Kanye West’s 8 nominations in 2017. Hello?

So, on February 12, many Grammy awards will be handed out. There are 89 categories; but, what shocked me the most is the fact that Kanye West has 8 nominations. He ties with pop star Rihanna! Chance came in second with 7 nominations, including “Best New Artist”.

The biggest question, and what I have been asking myself is: what happened to the good old fashion soul music? How did the Grammys go from Motown, Disco, Punk Rock etc to rap and pop?

It is true that the taste of Grammys has changed. But could it be that this is because the taste of the masses has changed. It’s more eclectic.

“The increase in popularity of various genres has led to the inclusion of new GRAMMY award categories, while the waning popularity of other styles has resulted in award categories being merged, renamed and eliminated. A look back shows the first “Best Gospel Performance” GRAMMY was presented in 1968, the first for Rap, as well as for “Best Hard Rock/Metal Performance,” in 1989, and “Best Electronic Music/Dance Album” in 2005. More recently, awards have been established to recognize excellence in fields such as American roots music and Latin jazz.” Jason Blume (BMI).

The 2017 GRAMMYs will feature (hopefully) great performances from Adele, John Legend, Carrie Underwood, Keith Urban, Lady Gaga and Metallica, etc.

First, I am a bit surprised at the nominations and perhaps (honestly) disappointed. There are great soul music out there – music from the heart that speaks to the core of a person. Really…there are artists pushing boundaries with their music fighting for recognition. But it seems that those on top continue to hover and hoard that title.

The first Grammys attendees and winners included Frank Sinatra and Ella Fitzgerald. Now, that is good music. It lives on beyond the age/life of the writer and performer.

Well, Who knows, maybe people like my children and grandchildren will talk about what a great artist Kanye is 50-70 years from now. Or may be your music is the ‘next big thing’ the world has been waiting for.


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