Nigerians Protest in Lagos, Abuja…What Next?

The Naira continues to fall and Nigerians raced to the streets to Protest.

Initiated by Nigerian popular singer, Tuface Idibia, Nigerians took to the streets on February 6th to protest against the inadequate government and leadership.

“Nigerians are frustrated and tired with this absentee government,” activist Omoyele Sowore said. Protesters carried signs saying: “The Fight for Justice Begins with You” and “Clients have no money. No pay.”

Truly, the situation is sad. But what is next? What was the government’s reaction. Well, let’s just say baba (Mr. President) who has been falling sick lately is still in the United Kingdom (UK).

Buhari who was supposed to return on Monday from his two-week vacation in London extended his stay. Not only that – but indefinitely.protest lagos abujaSo, a statement was released saying, “he was extending his absence to complete unspecified medical tests.” This has sparked some fury and anger among Nigerians about the capacity of the Buhari administration to lead the nation.

Like one protester’s sign says: “There is plenty in Nigeria for all to be belle-ful.” What is next? Protest is a feel-good action. It achieves little if the government does not respond to the people’s cry. It is time for Nigeria to rise.



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