Know the 10 Kinds of People to Love from a Distance

You need to know the kinds of people to love from a distance.

These ones deserve love — everybody does, right? However, there are people you need to love from a distance. The truth is that some relationships can be toxic and absolutely dangerous. It’s not so much of the other person, but the unwelcome habits and manners they have. Check out 10 types of people to watch out for. Love them, but from a distance!

  1. Social Media Addicts: These types of friends are confused. They have mixed up reality with online world like Facebook. When you talk to them, they are most likely checking their phones for notifications and not paying attention anyways. Addiction can be contagious. That is why they need to be loved from afar. Help them recover from their addiction, but do it from a loving distance to avoid setting same trap for yourself.
  2. Askers: Africans are familiar with askers because sometimes they are family members; other times, they are the next door neighbor. These are the ones who ALWAYS call or text while you’re in the middle of important biz. It seems like they always have drama – something going wrong. Not only that, but they have a favor to ask. They’re not calling to make sure you’re ok. As soon as you reply the text or call, they go into their spiel about some drastic situation that needs immediate answer. And it has to be right now while they have your attention. What they need is a life coach. They disrupt your dates, family time, and even your Sunday morning session before church service. Yup, love them from afar.
  3. Full-time Gossipers: Well, some people think only women are gossipers. That’s not true! Men gossip just as much as women or more. So, gossipers got to be loved from a distance. Otherwise, they will poison your mind. Some gossipers are so advanced in their “hobby” that they give you play-by-play drama of people you don’t know from a can of paint! I’m sure you’d rather watch a soap opera if you wanted to hear nonsense about people you’ve never met. In that case, let them waste someone else’s time with their Linda Ikeji stories.
  4. Competitive Co-workers – These ones are like both a gift and a curse; Why? Well, even though they bug and irritate every inch of your being, they keep you on your toes. You learn to work hard and stay on top. Also, you learn not to easily trust everyone who winks and flash a one-second smile. It nudges you to step your game up. These co-workers may appear as over-achievers…just doing too much at times. You even see them sucking up to the boss unnecessarily. Nevertheless, this person is not worth stressing over. Nine times out of ten, he or she is struggling to hold a position and sees you as a threat. Competent employees are too focused to be that bothered.
  5. People Who Devalue Your Business – One time or the other you have met people who try to negotiate your service. Well, it may seem innocent…and it is -most times. However, you’ll run across people who constantly ask for freebies. Asking for free and even discount services is an insult to entrepreneurs. If people keep trying to squeeze freebies out of you, nip it in the bud ASAP. If they can buy floor seat to Beyonce or Wizkid’s concerts, they can certainly afford to buy your items at full price. They just need to budget like they did to get in formation. Period.
  6. Lying Wonders – These people are dangerous because they volunteer made-up stuff you didn’t even ask them about. Run like hell! There’s no reason to include those types of fairy tales in your life.
    Imaginary Online Haters– These are the people on your social media accounts who have not said two tweets to you, but in your mind everything they post is somehow about you, your pastor, your finances, the gumbo you brought to the family reunion, the car you just purchased, etc… Do yourself a favor and get a grip! You honestly can’t pinpoint if the person is bashing you, so disconnect from the mess by not stalking his or her page.
  7. Toxic Ex Lovers – We don’t  need to say much about this person. If you can actually have a platonic relationship with an ex that doesn’t blur the lines, do your thing. But, if you are interacting with someone who finds a way to ruin your happiness even after you’ve let them go, you are doing a huge disservice to yourself. An ex that does not know where the boundaries are ‘gotsa’ be loved from a distance.
  8. Negative Nancy – If you are sharing legitimate ideas with someone who repeatedly finds a way to dismiss the potential in them, rethink the relationship. “Negative Nancy” refers to people who frequently add bad news and negative feelings to a gathering; he brings down the mood of everyone around him. At some point you have to wonder if these ‘friends’ even believe in you. Most times, you’ll find they do and are jealous because they can never execute a goal. Caution: your significant other may be a Negative Nancy; in this case, you need to let them know and resolve how to be a better support.
  9. Financial Laze – “If you had to sit in someone’s institution of higher learning to make a desired salary, so can the next person. If you had to save your income tax return to take that trip to Jamaica, so could the next person. It is not your job to play ATM to able-bodied adults. Now if your mom needs to borrow $20 bucks until the end of the week, you can slide her a Jackson (hopefully a soon-to-be Tubman). But shelling out cash to mooching friends and family is not recommended.”
  10. Repeat Offenders – As Dr. Maya Angelou rightly said, “When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time.” No need trying to fix an old horse. These people have given you every reason to cut them off and you’ve convinced yourself that they are “not that bad”, or they’re “trying really hard to change”…Dude, bye! People only do what you allow. If someone fools you once, shame on them; But if they fool you twice, shame on them. Watch out and love these repeated offenders from a distance…for your own good 🙂

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