30 Signs You are a Social Media Addict


“I’m not a social media addict.”

Or “Nope! I’m not hooked on social media. I can control my activities anytime I want.”  These are probably one of the most common comments we may hear from our friends. However, most of us may have subconsciously become addicted to social media without knowing it.

Thankfully, Jackie Tan from Yahoo-Biz made a list to help others think about their social media lifestyle. So, check these 30 signs of social media addiction and find out your score.

Here is the grading. First, the Score 1 to 11 means you are still on the sane track of social media. Score 11 to 21 is Yellow light; alarm bells are ringing and sirens are blaring. It will be most helpful if you go out and get some fresh air. Socialize with real people and drop the phone for a couple of days for rehab. 22 and above, you may need professional help before it is too late!

Sign #1: You check your phone every few minutes for any notification on Facebook, Instagram, and such.

Sign #2: You become restless when there’s no internet access or other social media is down.

Sign #3: You assume other people can understand what you mean by your cool terms. Lingos like BRB (‘Be right back’), CMI (‘cannot make it’), LOL (‘laugh out loud’) are normal terms.

Sign #4: You believe checking social media updates and posts while driving or talking to real people is multi-tasking.

Sign #5: You literally announce to everyone on social media or snap what you are doing every day, every hour. For example: having a lunch, found a penny, went shopping today and blah, blah, blah.

Sign #6: You have a meeting every week with others (social media addicts) to plan on what updates to put up on Facebook for next week.

Sign #7: You tag your friends on pictures and videos they’re not involved in just to make sure they see them on their Facebook timeline.

Sign #8: You start to #hashtag #about #everything #under #the sun.

Sign #9:  You have made urgent requests on Facebook for your family and friends to send you ‘lives’ on Candy Crush. (As if your life depends on it.)

Sign #10: You believe life is more “happening” on social media than in reality.

Sign #11: You freak out if your pictures are not able to be uploaded onto Instagram or Facebook.

Sign #12: Words like ‘Tweet’, ‘Insta’, ‘Pinned’, ‘Updates’, ‘Hashtags’ suddenly has become part of your lingo.

Sign #13:  You created a Twitter or Facebook account for your pet dog, Bambi; and its parrot pal, James Bond.

Sign #14:  You cannot live a day without social media; you need to travel with it, eat with it, sleep with it, or even using it while taking a dump.

Sign #15: You think that person is an alien if he or she does not have a social media account.

Sign #16: You feel stressed for the entire day, if your ex-schoolmate, John does not respond to your friend request.

Sign #17: You stalk your friends via Facebook, Twitter and other social media accounts.

Sign #18:  You feel angry when people in real life do not understand what you mean in 140 characters.

Sign #19: You feel proud when that cute picture of yours get a hundred likes on Facebook.

Sign #20: Every food you eat does not only go into your digestive system. Well, it goes into your Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook permanently.

Sign #21: You secretly spend some of your work hours on social media.

Sign #22: You have “accidentally” signed your Twitter handle name on your marriage certificate, your personal checks, or o

Sign #23: You feel upset or sad when nobody comments on your updates in Facebook.

Sign #24: You spend at least 3 hours a day on social media,  isolating yourself away from other social activities.

Sign #25: You add strangers on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter just to  make up the numbers.

Sign #26:  Social media has become part of your daily ritual – like sleeping and eating.

Sign #27: You would wake up in the middle of the night and check your social media for updates.

Sign #28: You’re excited when strangers add you as a friend on Facebook.

Sign #29: You feel uncomfortable chatting with friends without using any social media device.

Sign #30: You think that the blue Twitter bird mascot exists in real life.

“So, there you have it – the 30 signs of social media addiction. How addicted (or immune) are you?” 


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