Wedding Etiquette? Bride’s Post on Mother-in-Law’s White Dress Goes Viral


Is it true that there is an unspoken rule about not wearing white to someone else’s wedding? A bride threw the internet into a frenzy after she shared her thoughts about her mother-in-law’s white dress. By the way, she did not pick the dress. It was a shocker.

There is a saying among women that you should not wear white if you’re a guest. What if the bride is wearing a scarlet or black wedding dress? Does the rule still apply? Well, the internet is divided.

The unspoken rule is somewhat similar to picking out a black outfit for a funeral. Rarely would you see a guest with a bright color. It’s just….obvious; is it not?

However, one anonymous woman from UK,Natalie204, had the parenting clique in an uproar after she posted on Mumsnet that her mother in law told her she’s wearing a white outfit to her nuptials. Bride wrote:

“Future MIL has bought a white outfit for my wedding,'” the woman titled her post.

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Her thread has generated viral comments…

what do you think…should it matter if a guest wear white to a friend or relative’s wedding


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