All about Texture: 3 Tips for Making the Perfect Jollof Rice

Three great tips for improving the texture of your Jollof Rice.

The texture of your Jollof is just as important as the taste. You never want the Jollof rice to turn to mush, yet you don’t want under-cooked rice. According to Ronke Edoho, known as the ‘Jollof Prof,’ If you are ever in a sticky situation, here are three tips:

1. Too Much Water But Good Texture:
If there is too much water in your Jollof, but the texture is just right. Transfer the rice to a wider pot (if possible), increase the heat to max and leave UNCOVERED. The water will evaporate quickly.
2. Too Much Water and Soggy:
If your rice looks like it might get soggy, DON’T leave it in the pot. You want to cool it down as fast as possible to stop the cooking process. Spread it out on an oven tray and place in a cool place like an open fridge (don’t close the fridge oh, all that condensation will pull on your food) to cool down . Toss the cooled rice in the oven to completely dry out
3. Under-cooked Rice

If the water is all dry in the pot but the rice isn’t quite done:

Burning? If yes, add 1 tablespoon of boiling water for every cup of rice in the pot. COVER TIGHTLY. Increase heat for about 1 minute (this is to bring the water to the right temperature) immediately turn off the heat, switch the rice to a different burner that isn’t warm, leave covered for 10-20 minutes depending on the size of your rice.

Not burning – Turn off the heat but leave the rice covered for another 8-10 minutes, the retained heat and steam will continue to cook the rice.


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