#Research: Employers are More Likely to Hire Slimmer Women…Find out Why.


A new study shows that thinner women, left, are more likely to get hired over their curvier counterparts. In this day and age of gender equality, this result is shocking.

Researchers, Dennis Nickson, Andrew Timming, Daniel Re, and David Perrett published their study on Plos One. It is titled “Subtle Increases in BMI within a Healthy Weight Range Still Reduce Women’s Employment Chances in the Service Sector.” Here is the gist of their research:

  • Slimmer women are more likely to get hired than curvy women.
  • In hiring men, employers did not show any bias.
  • Researchers explain that the findings show that women are “clearly at a disadvantage.”


For this study, researchers made two images of a man and woman. They asked people who they were more likely to hire. The results showed that people would more likely hire the slim face woman over the thick one. But, the same was not true for men. They did not have the same opinion for the man.

“These findings suggest quite clearly that women are at a distinct disadvantage compared to men in relation to their ‘gendered physical capital,” the researchers added.

Another survey recently found that “no matter how impressive their educational achievements or how extensive their work experience, women looking for work could unwittingly be sabotaging their hopes – by making silly mistakes in their beauty regime. The worst offender is a candidate who arrives for their interview with chipped nails – a certain sign that they are nervous or unprepared.”


Furthermore, according to the survey, split ends tell an employer the applicant is lazy; smudged mascara means a party animal, and fake tan suggests the applicant will be taking too many holidays.


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