Revealed: Nigeria Surpasses United States in Online Search for Gay Porn


Is there something wrong with the sexual culture in Nigeria? It’s almost a taboo to talk about s** in some families. Subomi Plumptre, a social media strategist reveals that “Nigeria has overtaken the United States in terms of searches for porn.” Not so much of a good news, right?

Even worse, according to PornMD, Nigeria is the country with the 3rd largest viewership of Gay porn in the world. Other conservative countries, such as South Korea, India, and Pakistan also ranked in the top. That is shocking! Because this is the same country where gay marriage is illegal.

In an interview with Battabox, Subomi explains that “we are unaware of the porn issues because we don’t measure things and don’t respect data in this part of the world.”

“If I didn’t see the stats, and knew you were a data analyst, there is no way I can believe that Nigeria’s appetite for pornography (internet) is higher than the United States of America, no way” interviewer and host, Labo responds.

AND…wait for it. Enugu State is the top Nigerian state watching the most Gay porn. It seems contradictory to the Nigerian conservative lifestyle, culture, and laws. Oh, but it is true.

Although United States is the highest producer of adult entertainment, it is appalling to know that Nigeria has such a high rank in viewership and online search for adult content.

Does it seem hypocritical? Is there something we, as Nigerians are missing? For Nigerians living abroad, there are kids and teens growing up in an environment where adult entertainment is prevalent and easily accessible. Are there steps families can take to prevent unwanted exposure?



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