Men, Would you Take on Your Wife’s Last Name…If She Asks? [True Story]


Questions to married men out there: How important is your last name to you?

If your wife asks you to keep her last name for the sake of identity, would you do it?  Is your name important enough that you would not want to include your future wife’s last name? Even without the hyphen? This question is based on a true story of a newlywed in New York who went through roller coaster because of this name change issue.

Solange Franklin Reed and Brian Franklin Reed are a couple whose cultures (Black and Jewish) mean a lot to them. They wanted to use both of their names in their official surname. What they got was several push-backs in an attempt to keep both names (MadamNoire). Their plan was to change both their names together — not just the wife’s name.

The marriage bureau in New York told them: “only one partner is allowed to change his or her name. He or she may take one last name, merge names into one word, or hyphenate two names.” The couple literally had to  battle the issue out in court to make the name change of husband happen.

“We weren’t into the idea of a hyphen, so after our wedding, we had to go to court and argue in front of a judge why we preferred to use a space,” Solange shared with Essence. “Thankfully, he was tickled and ruled in our favor.”



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