#JollofWars: You’ve Never Seen Nigerian Food Art Like this Before….


Meet Haneefa Adams, a creative visual artist and food blogger. This young lady is simply amazing! You’ve not seen food – especially our traditional meals used in art like this before!

Inspired the Nigerian culture, Haneefa, known on social media as @Muslimahanie, continues to dazzle the world with her artistic skills. Also, she focuses on lifestyle and design; she created a “hijarbie” – an authentic barbie-type doll with a hijab — perhaps a Muslim barbie for the Islamic community and others.

Do not limit your level of creativity. Explore new ways to express yourself.

“Hi everyone! I’m a Nigerian in my 20s. A medical scientist, a creative visual artist, Lifestyle blogger and enthusiast. I created Hijarbie, a hijab wearing barbie type doll. This blog is my creative space for everything art, design, fashion, food and lots more.”

“What I learnt while making these is that, although I have been making mixed media art involving food, plants and other solid items, I never fully explored Nigerian dishes/ food for my food art, the possibilities I discovered now are amazing! Looking forward to exploring the food medium.”

Nigerian Food Art

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