Inspirational Sunday: Never Mistake Beauty for Character!

Which is SUPERIOR: Beauty or Character?

A wise and funny Nigerian man once said: “You shave off your eyebrows and redraw it with an eye pencil; that means you can also shave off your hair and redraw it with a weave.” In this age where people are more driven by beauty, character has gotten the back seat.

Think about it! The masses are drawn to going to the gym to look trim and fit. Men are engaged in gaining six packs. Women are engrossed with looking more like barbie dolls. The fashion and beauty industry are creating more products to create flawless looks.

A man in China sued his wife in 2014, after three children for misrepresentation. This Chinese business man claims his children are ugly; they could not possibly have come from both of them since they are good-looking. How vain is that! Well, he soon found out his wife had plastic surgery before they met transforming her into a beautiful woman.

He filed for divorce and extra monetary damages; he said he was cheated and lied to by the woman.

So, men, if you have a queen already, do not reshuffle the card to end up with a joker. Because if there is no character – good manners, there is no beauty.

It is good to remind our African queens and princesses that beauty is beyond the physical; it begins in their character. The way they treat others: friends, family, and even strangers has greater bearing on their future as a wife, mother, and daughter.

This truth and quote below apply to men as well. First, a man’s character shows his true ability to lead. Contrary to some popular belief, “packaging” yourself does not equate to manliness. This is often seen in Disney movies with the handsome prince dashing in to rescue the princess. Honestly, have you ever seen an ugly prince in any of those movies: pot-belly, ruddy hair around his face, crooked teeth…et.c? Nah!

Disney stories have filled a lot of children’s minds about beauty. The princess ends up beautiful – desirable; although there is nothing wrong with this, the focus should be on character. This is the thematic element most of these movies start with and lose at the end.

The point of this post is not to pick on Walt Disney and Universal Pictures movies. The emphasis is on the importance of character or the lack thereof.

Character is truly priceless. The mother of a wise king once said, “Charm is deceitful and beauty is vain; But a woman who fears the Lord – she shall be praised.”

So, whether you are beautiful, handsome, dashing….or NOT, work on your character. Because your character will keep you in places and position where your beauty can take you. You may get a job because of your good looks, but only your character can keep you there.

If you have both, how wonderful that is!



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