Research Explains How Having a Miserable Spouse Affects your Health

Are you having a miserable Spouse Syndrome? Researcher Bill Chopik said: “Even if you’re the happiest person, your health can be dragged down by an unhappy spouse.”

Dr. Chopik of Michigan State University, tracked the health and happiness of almost 2,000 couples for six years.

The men and women, who were 50 years and over, were asked how satisfied they were with their lives;also, they were asked if they suffered from diabetes or any other chronic diseases, how easy they found washing, dressing and other day to day tasks and how much they exercised.

The result and analysis showed that a partner’s happiness affected their other half’s health.

So, if a husband or wife was a cheerful person, their spouse tended to be in better health – even if they were not particularly happy themselves.

Likewise, having a miserable spouse seemed to harm a partner’s health. But, before you start pointing finger at your spouse for your downward slope in health, check your attitude too.

Dr. Chopik said: “Participants with happy partners were significantly more likely to report better health. [They] experience less physical impairment and exercise more frequently than participants with unhappy partners – even when accounting for the impact of their own happiness and other life circumstances.” He noted that none of these effects diminished over time. This suggests that having a happy partner could afford surprisingly long-lasting effects on a person’s own health.” MailOnline.

So yes, different studies have shown that happiness boosts a person’s own health; But, this research – published in the journal, Health Psychology, proves further that a spouse’s happiness can impact the other’s health.


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