Simple yet Delicious! Shock your Cassava Flakes (Garri) with Coconut and Roasted Peanuts


There is no place like home. Cassava flakes  that’s another fancy word for soaked Garri.

It’s amazing how much we have trivialized the power of a tasty Garri soaked in ice cool water. With just the right amount of sugar (per preference), you can practically be in seventh heaven.

Some people like theirs with roasted peanuts; others prefer coconut chips or plain, sliced coconut. There are other options: grilled, goat meet, stir fry beef, or simple evaporated milk.

Garri is the new -ish. You will enjoy the taste of Nigeria’s traditional flakes as lunch, dinner, or light snack (in small portion, of course). There is actually a nice restaurant in Ghana that sells this yummy meal for about $40.


Cassava flakes (Garri), Water, and Sugar. (Optional: roasted peanuts, sliced coconut, banana, and milk)


  1. Pour the flakes in a cup or bowl.
  2. Add water covering the top of the bowl and stir.
  3. Pour away the water gently ensuring the flakes does not escape as well.
  4. Rinse one more time to get any dirt or residue out of the Garri.
  5. Add cool water or room temp with ice.
  6. Add sugar (Optional: add peanuts, coconut, banana, and milk as desired) and stir.

Serve and enjoy.



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