Bachelors Enroll in Parenting Class to Prepare for Marriage and Raising Kids


Male parenting class abandons tradition!

Ever heard of bachelors taking a parenting class to prepare for marriage and kids? All the ladies say, “Amen!” Japan has started this new trend. The Department of Labor encouraged bachelors looking for companions (wives) to take this course.

The class is organized by an Osaka-based company Ikumen University; the goal is to help men like Mr. Kurita, Yuji Inoue, 42, who wants a lifelong companion. First, the class teaches how to bathe and dress a baby; then, it explains how to understand a woman’s perspective on child-rearing. The course organizers used exercises like wearing a 15-pound pregnancy jacket, the company told ABC-Net.

parenting class

Source: ABC-News

So, Mr. Inoue is one of many young men in Japan, a country known for its male-centric workforce. He’s placed marriage on the backseat.

Mr. Inoue said, “Men must work. This is an age-old value of Japan. Men have to feed the women, so that is what I set out to do, and I’ve been working very hard; But somewhere along the line, work got more fun [than dating], and that became all I did. Until I suddenly realized my age, and thought I had to do something about [my single-hood].”

Also, the course taught students how to improve spousal communication. They asked students to fill out a worksheet listing the traits women were deemed to dislike in men.

The head of Ikumen University and the course instructor, Takeshi Akiyama, said,

“I wanted to create a form of certification proving a man’s child-rearing skills and support for married life,” Mr Akiyama. “Matchmaking agencies can advertise such men as having ‘extra value’, by letting potential partners know he will support the marriage. I think we need to change the Japanese mindset of men equal work, and women equal child-rearing.”

The full day Ikumen parenting class is the first in Tokyo; its price is 30,000 yen ($390).


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