This is why you CANNOT function on less Sleep…


No matter what you think, this is why you CANNOT function on less sleep…

Donald Trump, Kelly Ripa, Jack Dorsey, and Bill Clinton ‘sleep 4 to 5 hours’. These popular politicians, celebrities, entrepreneurs and politicians claim they barely get enough sleep. But a new study warns “they may be sharp on things that require attention, but will get really tired when faced with less stimulating tasks.” Here’s a quick gist:

  • Most of us don’t realize when we’ve drifted off for a minute or two.
  • For the short sleepers who deny dysfunction, one hypothesis is that their wake-up brain systems are perpetually in over-drive.
  • But when they’re doing something boring that doesn’t require attention like lying in an MRI scanner – the tiredness kicks in.
  • Also this can be true for other boring situations, like driving a car at night without much interesting scenery or light to focus on.

    The study shows these guys/celebs are more tired than they think while awake.

“Most people feel terrible when they get less than six hours of sleep,” study co-author Professor Paula Williams said. “What’s different about these short sleepers who feel fine? Is there something different going on in terms of brain function? Although they report no daytime dysfunction from short sleep, what if their perceptions are inaccurate?”

Check Dailymail for more details on this research.


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