Young Mothers: Ways to Overcome Crazy Stress


Debilitating Stress bugging you? This type of stress is more common with young mothers….

You pose the question to Clinical Psychologist, Dr. Isaiah B. Pickens, and he says that first it’s important to notice signs that indicate that we are becoming stressed. “If activities and people that you used to enjoy irritate or anger you, this is a sign of both stress and possibly depression. Constantly feeling a cloud over your head (or in your head) that makes you say more often than not, “I don’t feel like myself,” is usually a sign that stress is becoming overwhelming.” He further adds that the stigma around mental health issues and the push to create super-moms can make many reluctant to admit these difficulties.

How to overcome these no-medication-working, tiring, and driving-you-nuts kind of stress:

When it comes to doing something about it, he advises practicing daily check-ins. “Sometimes our days can move so quickly taking care of children and dealing with our work/home related duties, that we forget to do an inventory for what is stressing us out and how much it is stressing us out.

  1. Taking a moment in the morning to meditate or pray,
  2. Journaling in the evening, or
  3. Simply having quiets breaks during the day

[These] can go a long way to increase our awareness of stressors.”

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