American Parents’ Squirmy Reaction to Olympian Aly Raisman’s Tryout


This is going to be ME in another decade or so — as I watch my child play sports, probably Soccer or Swimming.

Crazy things have happened in the 2016 Olympics. So far, a French man has broken his leg (and recovered, thank God!). Then, there was an episode of the flag bearer drenched in baby oil that went viral and the torch guy that ran for his life (took a detour) after he heard gun shots in the streets.

On the good side, Nigerian has won their games despite the disadvantage and (I must say) ridiculous treatment by their Sports Management….and Michael Phelps just won another Gold.

The latest frenzy is the squirmy reaction by an American Olympian and Gymnast, Aly Raisman whose parents continue to dazzle the camera guys. Can you blame them?Gymnastics can be dangerous and the Olympics’ gymnastics is highly competitive…with countries like Russia and China who are just super good!

Aly’s parents, Rick and Lynn Raisman continued to squirm, mutter, jitter, and even turned in their seats as they watch their daughter’s routine on the uneven bars. We know all parents with athletic kids have done this at one time or another….oh the agony! Oh Rio!!


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