Food Idea: How to Make Ofe Nsala Soup (Igbo White Soup)


Yum Yum Yummy!!

This is a dish that never gets old. Ofe Nsala (Igbo ‘White soup’) is a popular soup made in Eastern Nigeria. It is called white soup because of the clear color. This soupl does not need palm oil. Your main ingredient is the catfish.

You can eat your Ofe nsala with eba, iyan (fufu), and other okele (solids). For those who prefer visual, below is a video by

1 Medium sized cat fish
5 small raw Yem cubes or Yam powder
2 tablespoon of chopped Utazi leaves or parsley
1 tablespoon ground crayfish
1 teaspsoon of locus beans
1-2 stock cubes
chili pepper (hot spice)
1 tablespoon of chopped onions
dried or stock fish (optional)
5-10 chicken/small sized beef pieces

1. Cook your chicken or beef peices to taste and set aside
1. Cook yam cubes until soft and smash or pound to a smooth paste. You may blend the yam cubes and add a little hot water.
If you are using yam powder, simply add hot water to the powder and stir until you have a smooth thick paste.
3. Put the catfish in medium-sized pot, pour enough water to cover it.
4. Add chopped onions, seasoning cube, and salt to taste. Cook the medium-sized catfish about for 15-20 minutes or until filsh is almost done.
Note: be careful not to overcook the catfish. Smaller fish takes shorter time.
5. Add chili pepper, crayfish, and locust beans.
6. Optional: Add the beef or chicken to the pot.
7. Now add the yam paste and allow the soup to cook until the paste dissolves and fish is well done.
8. Lastly, add the utazi leaves/parsley. Taste for salt. Allow to simmer.

Serve with your solids and enjoy!!


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