Keep that Rice! Study Shows Not all Carbs are Bad for You


A lot of Nigerians (Africans) have bought into the craze of “Cutting Carbs” – including cuting rice, fufu, and other solids to lose weight. There is nothing wrong with it if your motive is to stay healthy. However, there are people who have cut off rice, fufu, and other solids all for the sake of losing weight.

New research published on TIme now shows suggests that there is ONE type of carbohydrate that will NOT make you pile up on the pounds. That’s right! It is safe for your health and weight. It could actually help control and maintain your waistline.

These carbs are called the “Resistant Starch”. Unripe bananas, whole grains, beans, white rice, and even pasta such as the dreaded Spaghetti are all part of the resistant starch.

“The plain white rice you get in your takeaway won’t make you pile on the pounds – unless you eat it with a fattening curry or greasy Chinese, that is. That’s because it’s part of the super carbohydrate class, ‘resistant starch’, which the body uses up as energy.Pasta, like spaghetti, also won’t make you gain weight if you eat it once it’s been cooked and cooled.”

Resistant starches are different because they take longer to digest and will turn into fatty acids in your stomach – which your body then burns as energy, This is different from other “refined” starches like White bread. These ones are absorbed rapidly by the body and the calories are stored instead of burned off, leading to weight gain.


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