It’s Unripe Plaintain Porridge to the Rescue!


It doesn’t have to be solids (Eba, fufu, akpu) all the time. Wondering what to do with your unripe plaintains?

I had this same issue this week. After buying some  plaintains from Wal-Mart, hoping I can fry them as a side dish to my rice, I was highly disappointed. Two weeks went by guys and the plain rain was still as green as when I got them from the store.

So, I started wondering how to get rid if them….honestly, I was tempted to trash them. But, I came across boiling them like yam and adding a side of efo riro with stir fry fish fillet – that is a post for another day.

Anyways, I found this post (thanks to @Toria12) and thought it’s a great meal idea. Research shows unripe plantains are rich in iron and vitamins than the ripe ones.


Unripe Plantain: 3 pieces
Pumpkin Leaves: a big bunch (or Frozen Spinach: 10 cubes)
Fish (Titus): 1 medium size
Ground Crayfish: 1-2 teaspoons
Onions: 2 medium sized bulbs
Red palm Oil: enough to color the meal
Pepper and Salt: to taste
2 Season Cubes


Before you cook Unripe Plantain Porridge, Wash, peel, and cut up the plantain as shown. Wash and cut the pumpkin or Spinach leaves into small pieces. If the spinach is frozen, allow to thaw just enough to let you cut them into tiny pieces. Leave to thaw completely and squeeze out the extra water using a sieve.

Wash, cut, and clean the fish (inside and out). Cut up the onions into tiny pieces. Grind the crayfish and pepper. Now you are ready to cook the unripe plantain porridge.

Cooking Directions

Put the cut plantain in a pot. Add the chopped onions, stock cubes, fish, ground crayfish and pepper.

Add water to the same level as the contents of the pot.

Cook till the contents start to boil. Add the red palm oil and salt to taste. Cover the pot and keep cooking till done. This is when the plantain is tender to touch.

Add the vegetables, cover the pot and leave to simmer.

Once it has heated up, stir, turn off the heat and leave to stand for at least five minutes before serving.

Now you may serve and enjoy.



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