#Immigration: Top 10 Tips to Succeed at USA Visa Interview


The day of your visa interview is a big one…a major step closer to seeing your loved ones, achieving your goal as a student, joining that business venture, or visiting United States.

There’s only thing that seems to be in the way. The dreaded interview. Here are 10 tips to help you succeed your first or next visa interview.

1. Qualification: Remember the purpose of your trip to the U.S. such as pleasure, visiting family/friends, medical treatment, or business — and stick to it. Note, your letter of invitation should match your response as to the purpose of your visit.

2. Documents: Make sure all your supporting documents (Ids, passports, letter of invitation, bank statement, photo, etc) ready with an extra copy available.

3. Attire: Wear formal clothes as if you are attending a business meeting. If you apply for a student visa, you should look like a student. If you are visiting, dress neatly. Men wear ties if you have it.

4. Arrive early: you don’t want to start your interview on a negative note or miss it because of traffic.

5. Be confident: avoid being nervous. Looking around or tapping your fingers and toes are not good signs of confidence. Be alert and confident in your response – not arrogance, but confidence.

6. Posture: When you meet the officer for the first time, smile and look into his eyes when you speak.

7. Short is best: When you answer a question, give short and clear answers. If you are soft-spoken, increase the volume of your voice. Do not give irrelevant and unasked-for information.

8. Honesty: This is where several applicants make mistakes. Give truthful answers and correct documents. There should be no conflicts in your answers. Also, remember that most of your data and information are kept in the computer/database. So, if your visa application was rejected before, do not try to change your details the next time you Immigration calls you for an interview. If any of your information has truly changed, explain the reasons for the conflict. These officers are trained and experienced to detect fraud/lies.

9. Respect: Be respectful and polite– even when it is not reciprocated. If you do not understand what the officer is saying, do not hesitate to say, “I beg your pardon sir” or “Would you please repeat what you said ma/ma’am.”

10. Be Ready for Hypos: Be prepared for hypothetical questions. An officer may ask you, “What if someone offers you a partnership in his business while in U.S.? What if a pretty woman proposes marriage to you?”

Overall, just relax. Remember you  made it this far; we wish you all the best on your interview! Here are some helpful links with more information on Visa to U.S.: USCISUS Travel Docs, and ImmiHelp.

If you have any tip or advice not listed here, please leave it in the comment box below or email us at info@infonubia.com. Others can benefit from your experience.


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