Parents Share Funny Names their Kids Call their Genitals


You’ve got to love the innocence of children. From Peanut and Jayjay to ding dong and fat China, you’ll be amazed at some interesting names kids call their genitals.

Growing up in Nigeria, I cannot recall what my parents said genitals (private parts) were called . It was just one of those ‘taboos’. Here in the United States, it is amazing how open parents are with their children about their genitals.

Popsugar asked their readers what names their kiddos use when they talk about their genitals. Several parents were brave enough to share some creative — and hilarious words that only a child could come up with on Facebook.

  1. “We tried penis but it came out peanut and that just stuck. With our daughter, she began calling hers her front butt.” — Laura
  2. “My daughter called it jajay and I’m glad she did. After one of our good touch bad touch talks she looked at some random [guy]at the grocery store and firmly told him ‘No, you can’t touch my jajay.’ He looked at us like we were crazy. Could you imagine if she said vagina? Poor guy was minding his own business looking at pasta sauce.” — Starr
  3. “My son calls his balls his turtles.” — Alicia
  4. “My little girl started off calling it her tooty fruity, but now it’s just tooty. My son calls his, his wing dang doodle.” — Kristen
  5. “My youngest got the penis but couldn’t pronounce vagina correctly. So one night he told me that I have a paginus!” — Stacie
  6. “Our 2 year old calls a vagina a ‘China‘ and thanks to his father, a penis is a ‘Wanga.'” — Emma
  7. “While my children do know the correct names, my daughter switches from punani, front butt, or flower. And my boys? We won’t go there.” — Emily
  8. “My daughter was taught proper terminology, but said she didn’t like those words! So she decided on hoohah and diddly doo!” — Tracy
  9. “We use the medical terms but my son uses the Yiddish word for penis as well, which is Schmeckle. And I have to admit, I find it amusing.” — Jessica
  10. “One of my girls, when she was little, used to call her privates fat china.” — Christie
  11. “[My friend’s] little girl sat down at the table looked right up at me and pointed at my crotch and said, ‘You gotta big ol’ tootie!‘” — Dae
  12. “My daughter calls hers a hoo-ha. She saw [her]dad naked and asked why his was different and just started calling it a wink-wink.” — Erika
  13. “My oldest called hers a ‘nina’ and I’m not sure why. It’s kind of awkward because she has a cousin named Nina.” — Beth
  14. “My oldest used to call his penis Mr. Pee Pee and when he was potty training, he would get really mad at Mr. Pee Pee for peeing in his pants.” — Carissa
  15. “The boys know they have a penis, but they say mom is the only one with a ‘Va China.'” — Erin
  16. “When my boys were little they couldn’t get the v sound out so it was a fagina until we got the right sound.” — Irene
  17. “One of my friends’ daughter says ‘fine China‘ instead of vagina.'” — Shelby
  18. “My daughters call theirs, their ‘lady parts’ and my son started calling his a ‘binky.’ He came up with that name on his own and I don’t know why.” — Carol
  19. “My boys know the correct term for male and female body parts, but they prefer to call their penis a bird.” — Jessica
  20. “We teach him the correct terms but he says ‘teenis‘ and everyone has one, no matter the gender.” — Rene
  21. ” I have a little girl … It went from tutu to Tudor. How or why, I have no clue.” — Cat
  22. “My son calls his penis his willie winkle.” — Valerie
  23. “I teach my 2 and 3-year-old kids that they have private parts, but they call it ‘pollyharps.'” — Jessi
  24. “Penis and buh-gina because we haven’t gotten the V sound yet.” — Natasha
  25. “My daughters call theirs a cookie.” — Cynthia
  26. “For boys: Wilk, Mr. Willy, Todger, or Walnut whip and for girls: Minnie, Flange, Snot box, or Moo.” — Michelle
  27. “I always taught my daughter to call it vagina but one day she decided to call it her ‘pinky.‘” — Nicole
  28. “My 4-year-old daughter calls it ‘her undercarriage.‘” — Liz
  29. “My son called his, Big head Davis” — Erika
  30. “My oldest, Dylan, used to call his his ‘little Dylan.'” —MarJorie

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